Many entrepreneurs ask why the Gojek Clone app is more popular than other multi-service apps. The simple answer is that it offers more services than any other app. While some of these may allow users to book only a couple of services, the Gojek-like app contains a wide assortment of 101+ on-demand services! 

Why Is Gojek Clone More Popular than Other Apps?  

Many apps today offer two or three services and label themselves as multi-service. However, in reality, if you compare them with Gojek-like apps, you come to note a lot of differences. 

Let's state the many differences that you will note: 

It has futuristic features 

When you have a wider audience and more than 101 services to offer, your list of features will not be ordinary! It will contain some exceptionally great features. 

The Gojek Clone app pre-integrates features like OTP verification, voice note instructions, log-in with biometric authentication, video calling with a professional, and more. 

It will make you rich! 

The app will make you rich in no time. It has the two most profit-centric business models, commission-based and membership subscription plans! 

Now, if you want to make money with every service booking through your app, choose a commission-based business model. Whereas, if you want a subscription-based model, go for membership plans. 

Simple navigation 

The UI and UX of the app are a significant part of the entire plan, off which, and having simple navigation has its own importance. 

It will be much easy to use your app if customers can navigate through it! In the same vein, the Gojek Clone app navigation design consists of these components: 

  • The hamburger menu 
  • Button navigation bar 
  • Cards to separate information 
  • Tabs 
  • Full-screen navigation 
  • Top navigation bar 

User safety 

This all-in-one app takes care of user safety! The Gojek-like app consists of multiple safety features: 

  • SOS Button: the users/ providers can click on this button and send a HELP message to 5 emergency contacts or directly connect with the Police Control Room.
  • OTP Verification: the providers can begin the task only after entering the 4-digit OTP sent to the customer’s mobile number.
  • Safety Ratings & Reviews: customers can rate and review the services so providers can look for any improvements and ideas to enhance safety. 

  • Facemask verification: before starting the ride, the driver needs to verify that they are wearing a facemask. Therefore, to begin the ride, they first click and upload a selfie wearing a facemask to the app. 

  • Safety checklist: this list basically consists of all the COVID-19 safety measures that a customer/provider must follow strictly! 

The Gojek Clone app is very different from other multi-service apps because it is pre-built! 

Get the Pre-built App

Getting a pre-built business solution will solve all your trouble of building the app from scratch. 

This is a ready-made solution that doesn't need you to 

  • Buy or rent an office 
  • Hire dedicated Android or iOS developers, marketers, managers, etc. 
  • No need to give them monthly salaries, incentives, bonuses, insurance, and so on. 
  • Since you are not developing the app on your own, you don’t need electronics and other expensive software licenses. 

Save money with a pre-built solution and you will be able to enjoy your retirement as well. 

Apart from just the money, developing a Gojek-like app will save you from wasting half a decade of your life. Yes, if you decide to develop the app from scratch and launch it on App Stores, you will easily need many years to complete the design, build a working prototype, fix the bugs, beta test, market test the app, etc. 

With a ready-made Gojek Clone app, you can easily launch the app in just 1 to 2 weeks! Moreover, you get to do it without wasting your time or money. After all, when the app is launched in the market and ready to get you sales, you will be making money on every single service booking along with monetization from other revenue streams! 

In Conclusion

So, launch the  Gojek Clone app ASAP! Simply get in touch with the Sales Team of Gojek App Clone, It is the best white-labeling firm that can help you launch a business that is worth millions. 

Get started with a demo app trial today and in weeks, you will be able to go live and sell the service for real! Leverage this app and become a famous entrepreneur in no time.