The Gojek Clone app is one digital platform that can help on-demand service businesses to make more money. The app is so versatile that it acts as the platform for earning umpteen money and quick customer base expansion.  In the blog, we will learn about a few good reasons why opting for a multi-service app for your business is the best choice.

Boost Your Business with the Gojek-like App

Today is the right day to start your business or at least give it the extra push! So, let's discuss why you must opt for an on-demand multi-service app for your business. 

1. You may not want to splurge millions!

Developing an app from scratch can cost you a bank. Therefore, opting for a more uncomplicated solution makes sense. The business solution we are talking about is a pre-built app like Gojek. 

Launching a pre-built app will cost you only a fraction of the amount required to develop the app from the ground level. The ready-made app saves you the cost of: 

  • Renting/buying an office space 
  • Hiring, recruiting and retaining dedicated human resources
  • Purchasing electronic assets 
  • Purchasing expensive software licenses 

Therefore, if you want your startup to provide higher returns on investment, opt for the Gojek Clone app without thinking twice! 

2. Earn higher returns on investment

As said, the pre-built apps are inexpensive compared to developing apps from scratch. Therefore, you save money here. What about the return on investment? Are they attractive? 

The returns earned with the Gojek-like on-demand app solution are higher than any other business solution! The entrepreneur acquires profits from two profit-centric business models plus earns via: 

  • In-app advertising: earn according to pay per click 
  • Service cancellation charges: earn a certain amount for every service cancellation
  • Surcharges: make extra money on high-demand services 

3. Quick turnaround time

It takes only 1 to 2 weeks to develop and launch a pre-built solution. On the other hand, constructing an on-demand app from scratch takes 7 to 8 years. Therefore, with a ready-made solution, you can launch the app quickly and start making money as soon as you go live. 

The white-labeling experts take 1 to 2 weeks to: 

  • Integrate languages and currencies of entrepreneurs’ choice
  • Integrate the local payment gateway of the country 
  • Change the app’s color to match the branding 
  • Add the company’s name and logo everywhere on the Gojek Clone app 

In short, opting for this solution will omit complicated tasks like designing, coding, testing, launching, etc. The white-labeling experts will do everything for you! 

4. On-point business analysis

The pre-built solution offers multiple features. With that, one feature that helps you to run the business smoothly is - business reports and analysis. This admin dashboard feature lets you look at all the activities happening online, your earnings, and much more. 

With the help of regular updates and reports, you can ensure that the business runs smoothly. Moreover, it can help you make important and educated decisions like whether to put more marketing efforts or increase the commission, etc.! 

5. The app helps you to attract more customers!

The mobile application integrated multiple features that make service booking plain sailing for the customers. Here is the list of all the latest features integrated with the Gojek-like app: 

  • Login with Face ID and Fingerprint scanning
  • Video Call option in Taxi
  • Multiple credit card management
  • OTP Verification to Start the Task
  • Safety Ratings & Reviews
  • Face Mask Verification
  • Wallet to Wallet Money Transfer

In conclusion

Do you want to launch the Gojek Clone app with multiple features and services? If yes, then connect with a globally-reputed white-labeling firm today. Launch the app in the shortest possible time and rule the on-demand industry in no time. 

Take the opportunity today and make the world a better place!